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Build Powerful Legs At Home !

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The MS-U106 leg gantry is a device with a powerful structure, which is an indispensable element of every home gym. Proper leg training is the certainty of obtaining a beautiful, proportional figure, improving the body's response to the secretion of hormones, including testosterone and growth hormone and effective fat burning.

Thanks to the two possible configurations of the machine that allow you to perform squats and push-ups, you will be able to perform a comprehensive leg training at home.

Huge weight and the most durable construction of the equipment, full metal plate under the legs, reinforced upholstery and safety locks - these are just some of its advantages.

The MS-U106 leg crane are the most professional solutions also available for you!

See what exercises you will do with the MS-U106 leg crane

Squats on a slanting crane

Pushing the weight out on the crane

Applied solutions

Load space applied

Put on as much weight as you want.

Durable bars with a diameter of 25 mm have been positioned in such a way that you can load discs, even of large diameter and with any hole.

Did you know that by choosing a load from Marbo, you are able to slide 350 kg of weights onto the handles?

Do you feel strong enough

to check it?

Non-slip platforms

In the MS-U106 overhead crane, we used two huge, non-slip platforms with dimensions

47 x 49 cm and 31 x 55 cm.

They were made of 5 mm thick checkered sheet metal.

Thanks to this size of the platforms, each exerciser will be able to position the feet in such a way that the training is safe and comfortable.

Safety system

You know perfectly well that the most important thing for us is your safety.

We give you the perfect tilt locks with a set of four handles equipped with non-slip handles. They will allow you to release and install a blockade equipped with a rubber bumper, which will absorb the falling weight.

We have also placed rubber bumpers in the lower part of the guides on which the crane wheels move.

The upper deck is adjustable in five positions, thanks to which each exerciser will adjust the machine to his preferences.

Solid and modern construction

The first and most important thing for equipment durability is its design.

We used a strong profile for the construction of the crane

50x50 mm made of 2 mm thick steel.

To make your new equipment look as attractive as possible, the sheets connecting the profiles are powder coated in red, glossy color,

which fits perfectly with the black finish of the structure.

Reinforced upholstery

The device has a modern and comfortable upholstery, up to 5 cm thick, which, thanks to optimally selected stiffness, perfectly adapts to the shape of the exercising body.

Strong artificial leather in semi-pro colors is an elegant and ecological material. The whole is based on a smooth MDF board.

Coats Epic core threads ensure the durability of the seams.

Rubber feet

We know very well that equipment intended for home use must be adapted to be able to be placed on any type of ground.

Regardless of whether you have parquet, tiles or exotic wood plank in your home, you will be able to put the MS-U106 crane anywhere!

Thanks to the use of rubber feet on the legs of the cage, you can be sure that it will not scratch your floor.

Semi-Pro line - equipment for home use

The Marbo Semi-Pro series is aimed at demanding home users who value comfort and certainty of exercise.

A strong profile 50x50x2 mm is a guarantee of maximum strength of the structure,

and the use of thick pressure knobs and excellent quality upholstery in two colors leaves no doubt that we are dealing with the best quality equipment.

Give up compromises and enjoy the fun of exercising!

Technical data

Height : 148 cm

Width : 110 cm

Length : 232 cm

Weight : 129 kg

Platform :

- top 47 x 49 cm

- bottom 31 x 55 cm

Weight space : diameter 25 mm

Maximum load : 350 kg, including the slider 30 kg

Profiles : 50 x 50 x 2 mm

Material : steel

Finish : powder coating

Type of load : free weight

Condition : New


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Leg press at home + hack squat machine / Marbo

Build Powerful Legs At Home !

Price Discounted For Only 24 Hours

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