Garden and Spa

Would you like to give your home a personalized touch? In Iron Strength you can find forniture for your garden. We sell Jacuzzi, Saunas, Furniture for your garden and Games for children.

We always advise to contact our sales representatives with any questions and concerns. We can create custom saunas.

Call to find out the cost of our installation.

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Helios Hemlock 1...

Get Home after a busy day and relax the day away in this beautiful 1 person Sauna

Price €1,776.86

Solaris Hemlock 2...

Relax and Unwind together with the 2 person sauna and Chromo Therapy LED lighting

Price €2,212.40

Sundance Hemlock...

Relax and Unwind with the 6 Heaters and 2 Speakers to play your favourite music via Bluetooth

Price €2,648.76

Eclipse Hemlock...

Family sized Sauna ! Powered by 8 energy saving redlight heaters

Price €6,054.13